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It’s hard to ignore the radiating pain, numbness, and weakness associated with sciatica. But, the team at Space City Pain Specialists in Webster and Baytown, serving League City, Texas City, Clear Lake, Friendswood, Texas and surrounding areas, can provide relief from your symptoms without the need for risky pain relievers like opioids. If you’re one of the 40% of Americans suffering from sciatica, call Space City Pain Specialists or schedule an appointment online today.

Sciatica Q & A

What is sciatica?

Sciatica symptoms develop when your sciatic nerve grows inflamed. Your sciatic nerves connect your foot and leg muscles to your spinal cord. They begin on each side of your lower spine, run deep inside each of your buttocks and down your legs before ending in your foot. These are the largest single nerves in your body.

When your sciatic nerve gets inflamed, you often experience numbness, tingling, and pain. This condition is usually easy to diagnose because your symptoms radiate along your sciatic nerve from your lower back into your buttock and hip and down to your leg.

If you have sciatica, only one side of your body is affected. Your pain can vary from mild to severe and is typically described as burning, sharp, or similar to electrical shocks. It’s common for actions like coughing, sneezing, or extended periods of sitting to cause your sciatica symptoms to worsen.

Without treatment, sciatica can cause irreversible nerve damage.

What causes sciatica symptoms?

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve can occur for several reasons, including herniated discs in your spine. The sciatic nerve can also become pinched if you have bone spurs on your vertebrae.

Several factors can increase your risk of sciatica, including:

  • A sedentary lifestyle or spending prolonged periods of time sitting
  • Added stress on your spine because of obesity
  • Nerve damage from conditions like diabetes

In some cases, occupations that involve back twisting, heavy lifting, or long periods of driving can also aggravate your sciatic nerve and trigger sciatica symptoms.

How is sciatica treated?

To treat sciatic nerve inflammation, your Space City pain management specialist performs an extensive physical examination with diagnostic testing to identify the cause of your sciatica pain. Based on your diagnosis, he develops a personalized treatment strategy to relieve your sciatica symptoms.

Sciatica treatments often include:

  • Hot and cold compress therapy
  • Spinal manipulation or massage therapy
  • Lifestyle changes, like improving posture and body mechanics
  • Nutritional counseling for weight management
  • Steroid injections or nerve blocks

Your pain management specialist might also recommend physical therapy to improve your back health through special exercises and stretching.

To learn more about nerve pain treatments and sciatica, call Space City Pain Specialists or schedule an appointment online today.