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Headaches and migraines are some of the most common reasons why men and women seek medical help for pain relief. At Space City Pain Specialists in Webster and Baytown, serving League City, Texas City, Clear Lake, Friendswood, Texas and surrounding areas, the experienced physicians offer innovative treatments for a wide range of challenging pain conditions, including headaches and migraines. To learn more about headache and migraine management, call Space City Pain Specialists or book an appointment online today.

Migraine Q & A

What are the symptoms of a headache?

Headache pain describes discomfort in any area of your head, as well as your face and neck. This type of pain can vary from mildly uncomfortable to extremely painful to possibly debilitating.

While it may feel like your pain is in your brain or skull, those aren’t the source of headache pain because they don’t have nerves sensitive to pain. Your discomfort is actually due to the protective tissues, muscles, and blood vessels surrounding your skull and brain. When you have a headache, the nerves in these areas are activated and cause your pain sensations.

There are several types of headaches; one of the most incapacitating is called a migraine.

What is a migraine?

Migraines differ from other headaches because they often bring other symptoms, including:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Visual disturbances, like flashing lights, spots, or halos
  • Extreme sensitivity to light or sound
  • Temporary loss of vision

These types of headaches have several triggers that typically include hormonal changes, certain foods or beverages, stress, bright lights or sun, intense physical exertion, and certain medications.

Certain factors can increase your risk of migraine headaches, including your age and having a family history of migraines. Migraines also affect women more than men.

How are headaches and migraines treated?

The experienced team at Space City Pain Specialists offers pain management solutions for a wide variety of headache conditions, including migraines. After reviewing your symptoms and identifying the cause of your headache pain, your doctor works with you to create a customized strategy to manage your unique condition.

In many cases, headache and migraine management includes lifestyle modifications, like eating regularly, avoiding food triggers, getting adequate sleep, and limiting your caffeine and alcohol consumption. Your doctor might also suggest stress management techniques and massage therapy to reduce muscle tension.

The Space City experts also offer innovative migraine preventive therapies, like FDA-approved Botox® treatments.

How does Botox treat migraines?

The medical formula Botox is a neurotoxin that immobilizes your muscles, keeping them from contracting and creating wrinkles. When used to relieve chronic migraines, your doctor injects small amounts of Botox into the nerve fibers associated with your headaches. This interrupts the pain signals involved in your migraine from activating in your brain.

Your doctor typically recommends regular Botox treatments every 12 weeks to reduce migraine occurrence. These treatments usually take around 20 minutes.

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