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When it comes to pain in your spine or joints, the problem often stems from nerve irritation. Using ablation, the doctors at Space City Pain Specialists go straight to the source of the pain — your nerves — and use radiofrequency energy to block the pain signals. If you’d like to explore the technique that has brought relief to many patients in and around Webster, Baytown, League City, Texas City, Clear Lake, and Friendswood, call or use the online scheduling tool to learn more.

Ablation Q & A

What is ablation?

Radiofrequency ablation is a technique in which your doctor uses radiofrequency energy to short circuit the pain signals that are sent by irritated nerves. The first step when it comes to ablation is to identify the nerves that are causing your pain, which the doctor may do through a trial run.

Using X-ray imaging to guide him, your Space City doctor injects a numbing agent into the area where he believes the nerves are compromised.

If you experience relief from your pain (which only lasts 24 hours), this means the doctor can go ahead and perform the ablation procedure. Again using fluoroscopy (X-ray guidance), your doctor goes in and delivers radiofrequency energy into the identified nerve to heat it up, creating a lesion that prevents it from sending pain signals.

What can an ablation treat?

The doctors at Space City Pain Specialists use ablation for a number of chronic conditions, including:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Arthritic joint pain

Ablation treatment results last 6-12 months in most patients, providing much-needed relief from chronic pain.

What is COOLIEF* ablation?

COOLIEF* works much the same way that traditional ablative techniques work, except COOLIEF* circulates water through the probe at the same time the doctor heats the nerves. This creates a larger treatment area that leads to better long-term pain relief and ensures that the pain-transmitting nerves that your doctor is targeting aren’t overheated. This method also cuts down on side-effects like inflammation in the surrounding muscles.

What are the advantages of ablation and COOLIEF*?

Both procedures are minimally invasive solutions that deliver effective pain relief without the unpleasant and potentially harmful side-effects of prescription narcotics, and without the risk, downtime, and recovery time of major invasive surgery.

The doctors perform both procedures on an outpatient basis, and they offer the following benefits:

  • Pain relief that begins about a week after treatment
  • Pain relief that can last up to a year
  • Significantly improved mobility
  • Non-addictive treatment
  • General anesthesia not required
  • No incision or subsequent scarring

If you’d like to get relief with an ablation, call Space City Pain Specialists or use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment.