Chronic Hip Pain


On each side of the pelvis lies a hip joint encased within a synovial fluid-filled capsule (this fluid lubricates the joint so it can move smoothly.) The cartilage-lined hip joint is made up of a ball that is kept firmly in place within a socket by strong ligaments. Hip pain can occur due to an irregularity with any of the joint’s components – or due to an undiagnosed lower back problem.

Due to the close proximity of the hip joints to the lower spine, many people mistakenly think that pain due to a lower back condition is due to a hip problem. Actually, patients experiencing chronic hip pain may feel extreme discomfort in their thighs and groin, as well as their hip.


Causes of Hip Pain

The hips support and move your full body weight, and are prone to overuse injuries. Over time, excessive rotation and straining can wear away at the components that comprise the hip joint, leading to chronic and extreme pain that can make simple acts like standing or walking unbearable. Other causes of ongoing hip pain include:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Inflammation
  • Lower back pain that radiates through the nearby hip nerves


Treatment Options for Hip Pain

Even when hip pain is due to a chronic condition, effective and long-lasting pain relief is available. In addition to pain medications, technological innovations have led to exciting new treatments for hip pain.



COOLIEF* Hip Pain Treatment


If you suffer from hip pain, Space City Pain Specialists can help you achieve relief. We champion all-natural, minimally invasive procedures over potentially addictive oral narcotics. Contact us today as the first step in regaining your mobility and quality of life.

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