Your Shoe Choice Could Be Impacting Your Knee Pain

When your shoes don’t fit right, your feet suffer. But you might not be aware that improper footwear can actually cause new or exacerbate existing knee pain over time.  

All shoes are not created equal. Even if you’re walking with athletic shoes, you may not be getting the right support, as the wrong kind of shoes can place unnecessary strain on your knee joints. When it comes to knee pain, proper footwear is the first line of defense in treating pain and discomfort. You need to get ahead of this problem, as untreated knee pain can cause more severe orthopedic problems for you over time.

Why proper footwear is important 

When you wear shoes that don’t provide adequate support, you place pressure on certain points of your knee joint. Proper shoes provide you with good alignment and balance, so that debilitating pressure isn’t placed on your ankles, knees, hips, and back. 

Because every step you take affects your knees and other joints, proper cushioning is also important when it comes to finding the right shoes.

How to find the right shoes for you

Despite what certain brands may claim, there isn’t one shoe that is a cure-all for knee pain. A 2016 study from the Annals of Internal Medicine, found that among 164 adults with osteoarthritis in the knee, there was no variance in pain levels between those who walked in enhanced walking shoes and those who walked in common walking shoes. 

Everyone’s arches and feet are shaped differently, placing pressure on one area more than another. For best results, look for shoes that fit your feet well, feel comfortable, and maintain your regular walking stride and gait. 

Find a walking shoe that is flexible and bendable, as a hard shoe restricts the motion of your feet, ultimately impacting your stride and making your knee pain worse. Remember to look for a thinner sole, which diminishes the load on your knee. 

Finally, avoid shoes with higher heels, as these influence the bend of your knee and place extra pressure on your joints. You’ll want to look for a shoe with a subtle heel, for best results.

Treat your knee pain today

At Space City Pain Specialists, our doctors are experienced in treating and maintaining your orthopedic health. Don’t let improper footwear cause you problems with your knees. If you have more questions about the right kind of walking shoes for your unique foot structure, call one of our convenient locations or schedule an appointment on our website today.   

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