Is Back Pain Normal As You Age?

Back pain is normal as we age, but there are ways to treat it so you can enjoy your life throughout your golden years. At Space City Pain Specialists in Webster, Baytown, League City, and Lake Jackson, Texas, we help ease our patient’s back pain, so they have the freedom to do what they want, when they want. Here are some common causes of back pain, and how we can help you. 


This common form of arthritis develops from the wear and tear we experience throughout our lifetime. In this condition, the cartilage (flexible tissue like on your ear or nose) on the joints that connect the vertebrae (bones) diminishes. Surrounding tissue may get inflamed and you may feel back pain.

Degenerative discs

Discs of the spine act as cushions or shock absorbers between the vertebrae. They help us move and bend. But, when damaged, the discs lose their ability to cushion those bones. So, if the bones rub together, you may feel pain in your lower back, and it may be harder to move. Fluid inside the discs may also leak out and aggravate the nerves.

Spinal stenosis

When there’s pressure on the spinal canal from aging bones and ligaments, the spinal canal narrows which puts pressure on the nerves inside. This narrowing may crowd the nerves and cause pain.

Other causes of back pain

There are many other causes of back pain like a pinched nerve, herniated (bulging) disc, previous injury, being sedentary and overweight, or a medical condition like kidney disease or cancer. The only way to know what’s causing your back pain is to have an exam, and possibly some x-rays or other imaging tests.


All of these conditions are common causes of back pain as we age. We may recommend lifestyle modifications like losing weight, using heat or cold therapy, stretching, or getting more physical activity into your day. We may also recommend physical therapy and exercise for your back pain. 

We also offer other pain relieving treatments like spinal cord stimulation, COOLIEF, microdosing, or regenerative medicine. We tailor our pain relieving treatments to each individual, so you can feel relief fast.

 The first step to feeling better is to make an appointment for a comprehensive exam with one of our pain treatment specialists at Space City Pain Specialists in Webster, Baytown, League City, and Lake Jackson, Texas. Don’t suffer with back pain, stiffness, or limited mobility one day longer. Use our convenient online booking tool any time or call one of our 4 locations today. 

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