5 Reasons a Spinal Cord Stimulator May Be Right for You

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Did you know that chronic pain impacts an estimated 50 million adults in the United States alone, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC)? In addition, high-impact, or daily debilitating, chronic pain affects approximately 20 million U.S. adults. Fortunately, there are avenues to help alleviate the suffering, stress, and embarrassment that can come along with chronic pain. Let's take a look at five reasons a spinal cord stimulator may be right for you.   

1. Improved quality of sleep

The National Institute of Health (NIH) maintains that a healthy night's sleep is absolutely essential to a person's physical and mental well-being. NIH experts report that sleep directly affects us on a molecular level through strengthening our energy balance, intellectual functioning, problem-solving abilities, mood regulation, and alertness. 

A spinal cord stimulator has the capacity to intercept pain signals in nerves before they reach the brain. The stimulator uses an implantable neuromodulation to address chronic pain. This can lead to a more restful, enhanced form of sleep. For those who've ever spent a sleepless night tossing and turning to try to alleviate the pain, this device can mean the difference between being highly productive the next day and feeling miserable and lethargic. 

2. Better mobility and less missing out

Estimates for the prevalence of chronic pain among Americans range from 10 to 40% of the population, based on 2018 CDC data. This means a significant portion of the population may be missing out on things they once enjoyed due to the pain they experience. 

Your pain specialist at Contact Space City Pain Specialists implants spinal cord stimulation, which lessens the sensation of pain to such a degree that "enjoyable" activities, such as flying kites with your children in the park, are actually enjoyable. You'll be able to move more freely, and your reach, speed, and endurance will improve so that you can keep up with those active people in your life. 

3. Improved functioning

Whether you have continuous back pain, a pinched nerve, or incessant shoulder pain, this type of pain can hinder your general functioning. It can make simple tasks, such as typing at your desktop or driving a car, pure torture. The pain may cause you to make excuses to pass when your friends invite you for that sunny afternoon hike. 

With the pain relief that's possible with spinal cord stimulation, you may be amazed at what you can do that you previously weren't able to do, and you may become even better at what you used to do poorly.

4. Decreased need for opioids and other pain medications

The CDC reports that chronic pain has been linked to depression, anxiety, labored movement, opioid dependence, and a decreased quality of life. Most people have heard about the nationwide opioid crisis. For those suffering from chronic pain, it's wise to have this crisis on your radar and arm yourself with the facts. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), approximately 115 U.S. deaths are attributed to opioid overdose in any given 24-hour period. In addition to this statistic:

After spinal cord stimulation, you could potentially have no need for any pain medications, such as addictive opioids. 

5. Overall better quality of life

While a spinal cord stimulator may not completely eliminate all pain, it considerably weakens the pain signals received by your brain. Many patients report only a mild tingle rather than the intense pain they're used to feeling. This dramatic contrast can't help but enhance your quality of life. Imagine standing in line at the grocery store without having to lean against your cart because your legs are throbbing with pain. Conceive of an evening out with friends at a concert where you could actually dance with the rest of the crowd.

Considering a spinal cord stimulator

Are you living with chronic pain? You can take your life back. A spinal cord stimulator may be right for you. Contact Space City Pain Specialists for an appointment.

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